Best iPhone Camera Cydia Tweaks You Should Try

At this point, we all know that the iPhone is more than a simple Smartphone. Mostly, the device has been always regarded as a camera by those who enjoy taking pictures or recording videos. However, the standard camera feature is not always very helpful, so, you need to add some improvements to enhance the quality of your pictures.

In this respect, Cydia download free store is the best place you should go in order to download multiple interesting apps and tweaks that can help you change and improve the camera feature.

Stock camera brings various options and auto-focus abilities, but it lacks in features. For instance, you do not have a timer in the Camera app. For this reason, Cydia jailbreak store comes to help us.

Here, we are able to download interesting apps and useful tweaks that are capable of changing the way in which we use the iPhone to take photos, the quality of each picture, by adding new features and effects. Feel free to try out the following Cydia apps and tweaks to enhance the camera feature.

  1. Camera Tweak

Camera tweak empowers the basic stock Camera app. It comes with a few features done right. You will see that there is a separate focus and exposure modes so your photos are crisper and better. In the same time, with Camera Tweak, you will get the well-awaited timer while you can change the white balance lock. Camera Tweak is only $0.99, and it can be found on Cydia download free store on BigBoss repo.


  1. CamTime

In case the first tweak is too much for your needs, maybe CamTime will solve your problems. This simple tweaks only adds the timer. However, the great thing here is that CamTime does not work just with the Stock camera. You can also set a timer for the shutter in any place you use the iPhone camera. This means that you can use it on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc. The tweak is completely free and is available on the BigBoss repo.

  1. Kamera

The last camera tweak I want to add on my list is Kamera. This tweak makes things much easier. It is not only a camera tweak, but it lets you access both the front and rear camera quickly, right from the Notification Center. Here, the main point is to allow you to open the camera app faster. It takes up to 5-7 seconds to open the camera app in the standard way, but will Kamera; you will reduce that time by half. Kamera is available on ModMyi repo for free and is compatible only with iPhones.

The iPhone’s camera can turn out to be more than a simple camera app for taking pictures. With the right Cydia download free apps and tweaks, you will be able to change the way in which you take photos, the way in which your photos and videos will look and even the way in which you are using the app in the first place. Take advantage of Cydia download free Store, and improve the camera app completely.

How to install Amazon app store on a Pandigital Novel Tablet Computer

The Book Android pill is just a good small device for that cost, but utilizing it as significantly more than an e-reader several workarounds can be taken by. The device includes the download whatsapp for ipad store pre-mounted, however it doesn’t possess the Android Os Appstore, which can not be installed without several coughing that is severe that many individuals are unprepared to do. Listed here is just how to deploy the Amazon Appstore to increase apps’ number open to anyone.

You are given choices to set up Ipad and the Amazon Appstore regarding Android whenever you faucet Visitor and check out the house site. Nor hyperlink functions, although, whenever you touch on it. Ipad doesn’t appear to not be incompatible with the Pandigital, however the before-mounted Respectable & Barnes Space application enables you to study and download publications and publications.

Initial, be sure you possess a Specific Spend charge card put up and an Amazon accounts. This is needed by you’ll even although you do not intend to download any applications that are compensated.

These directions make use of the Pandigital Book R90L200 (dark) for example, however they possibly use additional Pandigital Book products. They understand the right path round the device and also presume that you simply browse the associated person guide.

Login through the Visitor application towards the primary website, next look for Applications regarding Android.

Tap app next inform it to set up, for adding the Amazon Appstore application and you ought to observe a.

Faucet the image next okay to permit it to download.

You need to are in possession of the Amazon Appstore image in your primary display (the main one anyone observe whenever you pull the arrow about the correct to the remaining).

You need to visit a listing of applications; faucet the Amazon application, next okay or Continue Steadily To let it deploy whenever it completes installing.


How to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp documents, and enables customers to team speak, reveal pictures, as well as move and record talks via their cell phone. Messenger can be obtained regarding iPhone Android Nokia and Telephone. Increasingly more iPhone customers, particularly teens, deploy WhatsApp on the telephone. Nevertheless, unintentionally removing WhatsApp communications on iPhone additionally become much more and more typical as Whatsapp for iPad air customers elevated.

Whatsapp_logo-3Just how to recover erased WhatsApp messages? They’d say below in the event that you request WhatsApp Assistance Group regarding aid: we perform difficult to ensure that you WOn’t ever shed these, and We genuinely believe that your talks are extremely essential. Nevertheless, in the event that they misplaced or are erased for just about any cause, we can not help since we don’t shop your WhatsApp discussion background within our program you recuperate the communications.” Exactly what a disgrace!

Do not get dissatisfied. Today what’s promising is the fact that there’s nevertheless a method to get erased WhatsApp communications from iPhone using a third party iOS data-recovery device. Jihosoft Cellular Restoration for iOS is just communications, in addition to an expert restoration device that allows one to recuperate all of the WhatsApp talks, connections, information, pictures, videos and handset.

Step1: link your iPhone and Operate this WhatsApp Recuperation device.

Step2 Start CheckINCH switch to scan erased WhatsApp messages.

Step3: press and Examine re-coverINCH to obtain erased WhatsApp communications again.

Notice: Do Not create any operation or even the documents that are erased is likely to be overwritten and can’t unrecoverable.

Additionally, Jihosoft Cellular Recuperation regarding iOS supplies a method by removing information from iTunes copy to recover erased WhatsApp communications. The Recover cans press from iTunes Copy Document” choice to get your WhatsApp information back actually without linking your iPhone. However, you must be sure you do not create any sync, and possess a current iTunes copy document. Normally copy document that is iTunes is likely to be updated and the opportunity to recuperate it will be lost by you.

From dropping essential WhatsApp just how to avoid oneself speak background.

You had superior e-mail oneself your communications that are WhatsApp if you do not need your WhatsApp information that is essential to get rid of again.

ONE. Available the WhatsApp Discussion you wish to e-mail.

TWO. Faucet the title or team topic within the nav bar of the contact.

THREE. Browse towards the base and faucet E-Mail DiscussionINCHES.

FOUR. Choose if you like to Add Press” or e-mail the discussion Without PressINCH.

FIVE. Enter your current email address and faucet DeliverINCH.

3 Easy Steps to Get Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp messenger allows you to send free messages all over the world. The service runs on your internet connection. Therefore, there is no need to pay for anything, except the $0.99 annual subscription once you pass over the first free year. Whatsapp is meant for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Java phones. However, the great news is that now, we are able to install Whatsapp on PC, and use it, in the same way, as we use it on our mobile devices. For this, all you have to do is to follow the following three-step guide.

1. Downloading Bluestacks

In order to make Whatsapp for PC download work, you need to download an Android emulator. The emulator’s job is to make all those great mobile apps work on a computer. In this case, I recommend Bluestacks since it is one of the most downloaded emulators available, and it is also free of charge. The emulator can work on Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP. This software helps you run android apps and games on PC. Therefore, the first step is to download Bluestacks from their official website. However, keep in mind the fact that the program needs a good graphics card and hardware to work. Also, you will need at least 2 GB of RAM memory and a good graphic card.


2. Installing Bluestacks

The second step is to install the software. Just click on the exe file of Bluestacks and wait a couple of minutes until the program is installed. After this, you will have to create a Bluestacks account, which will be linked with the Google account. In this way, you will have all your installed apps right at hand.

3. Installing Whatsapp for PC

The last step involved searching and installing Whatsapp. For this, open Bluestacks by double-clicking on its icon. Wait some time since the first launch might take some extra time. Then, a window will open, and you will be able to see the search bar in the upper left corner. Here, type down Whatsapp. Keep in mind that you will need a working internet connection in order to download the application. Click on Whatsapp and install it. Again, wait a couple of moments, because the list of results might take a while to appear.

Now, Whatsapp will be installed on your Windows PC. It is important to remember to launch Bluestacks each time you want to launch and use Whatsapp. Only with the help of the emulator you will be able to run the cross-platform messenger on your computer.

This is all. You may know enjoy Whatsapp on your computer. Whatsapp has many more interesting things to offer besides its main feature: to connect people in a free manner. Also, you will have the possibility to share media files such as images, pictures, videos or audio notes. In the same time, you get to set a profile picture or a status while you can make your text messages more joyful with multiple emoticons and smiley faces.

Apple And Motorola Patent Conflict

A Chicago judge on Friday officially dismissed a patent case between Apple and Motorola.

Judge Richard Posner tossed the case with prejudice, meaning neither company can refile for the reason that court. “It’d be absurd to dismiss a suit for failure to demonstrate damages and enable the plaintiff to refile the suit so he could have a second chance to establish damages,” Posner wrote in his decision.

Essentially, neither Apple nor Motorola could demonstrate they were entitled to damages. Apple acknowledged that the judge’s decision to exclude testimony doomed its claims on two.

In a statement, a Motorola Mobility spokeswoman said the firm was pleased by the judgment of dismissal. “Apple’s litigation effort started with their attempt to assert 15 patents against us,” she said. “As it relates to Apple’s infringement of our patents, we are going to continue our efforts to defend our own invention.”


The road to judgment of dismissal has been a small roller coaster. Several days after dismissing the patent case between Motorola and Apple, Judge Posner said he would let Apple to pursue an injunction against Motorola devices and reversed course. But Apple did not present a strong enough claim after all, and Judge Posner determined to end the case.

Patent blogger Florian Mueller said the choices were “not an enormous surprise,” given Posner’s previous efforts to dismiss. Mueller also said the case is “100 percent certain to be appealed to the Federal Circuit,” so this mightn’t be the last we have learned of Motorola vs. Apple in the U.S.

More reports about a revamped dock connector emerged with one site revealing a port that was smaller.

Earlier this week, the U.K.’s Mobile fun posted several images of the reported next-gen iPhone, which contained a dock connector that was “substantially smaller [and] similar in size to micro USB.”

TechCrunch then reported last night that it’d “independently confirmed” that Apple was working on a 19-pin interface for the iPhone, which would replace the existing 30-pin interface.

The interface will not be dissimilar to the MacBook’s Thunderbolt interface, but with an alternative pinout, TechCrunch said.

The news comes several weeks after job listings were posted by Apple for Product Design Eng Connector and a Connector Design Engineer.

Reports about a smaller dock connector have been making the rounds. But we probably won’t find out if they’re not false until the autumn, when Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone with iOS 6.

A change to the 30-pin dock connector would, naturally, make docking systems that are existing incompatible with future iDevices, unless Apple released some form of adapter.

The patent battle between Apple and Kodak lives on, with the imaging firm suing Cupertino over patents that both companies claim to possess.

Apple is purposefully attempting to “delay and derail” Kodak’s efforts to sell off parts of its patent portfolio included in a restructuring effort, Kodak said in a court filing.


Kodak says it possesses them and has made about $3 billion by licensing the patents to 37 businesses over time. Apple, however, says it owns 10 thanks to work of the patents that Kodak and Apple did together in the 1990s.

Kodak was not convinced and took issue with Apple claiming possession over work that took place “nearly 20 years past.”

Kodak challenged the finding and the complete six-member commission said it would review the ruling. Last month,the ITC found that the image-previewing patent is invalid.

Greatest IPhone Applications For Males

Guys have always created its own tools and technology to make sure that existence gets convenient and simple to stay because you may remember. In today’s globe, the wheels of engineering transfer with super rates and supply resources that may make difficult things possible. One particular tool is the mobile phone. Earlier this apparatus was merely accustomed for or make telephone calls, but it may be utilized to receive photos, send emails, browse through towns as well as teach essential conversation skills, now. At this time, the marketplace is dominated by smartphones and 1 of the very productive ones may be the iPhone from Apple. Since its start in 2007, the iPhone is thought to be a standard in the planet of smartphones. Along with its user-friendly remarkable and software layout, there are lots of programs which get this phone a capture. Considering there are numerous applications, choosing the best ones will get quite complicated. Consequently, to resolve this issue, Buzzle has detailed out the finest iPhone apps for guys 2012. Greatest iPhone Apps


Productivity Applications


Dropbox permits the user to save all significant files, photographs and movies securely. After saving documents within this program they can be accessed by the user from his iPhone, pc and yet the state Dropbox site. This program enables an individual to safeguard all his crucial documents even when the telephone gets lost. Cost: FREE | Size: 12.1 MB

Google Search

With Yahoo, the person can receive the entire world in his own wallet. It’s likewise the absolute most searched item in the iTunes Store. Having a ‘Voice Research’ and ‘My Area’ attribute, an individual can simply ask Google something and will certainly obtain the exact response. Cost: FREE | Size: 13.5 MB


LucyPhone means that users do not waste their valuable minutes over a customer support phone. With this particular application, the person must enter the firm’s tollfree number and supply the greatest amount to reach him. He then must browse via the telephone menu until he is placed on hold, then the telephone ought to be disconnected. LucyPhone continues to be in the point, and it calls the person and attaches the phone after the broker is accessible, despite the fact that the phone gets disconnected. Cost: FREE | Size: 1.0 MB


An advanced and extremely helpful device, Bump enables customers to reveal pictures, contact details and other items fairly easily online. All of the person must do, would be to trigger the transport and affirm what info they need to talk about. The next thing to do would be to collide the telephones together, and within minutes, all the essential information is moved. Cost: FREE | Size: 6.7 MB

Health Apps

Fitness Guru

This application could very well be everything that the fitness fanatic would want. It’s full of photos of nearly 400 different workouts with detailed instructions. It enables him to talk about results and distinct routines with buddies online and also assists an individual in keeping an exercise record. Cost: FREE | Size: 11.1 MB

Diet Tips

Did you understand that consuming excessive soft-drinks cause worsening of bones? OR After how much time should a reduce melons be trashed? This program may answer each of inquiries about meals and nutrition as well as direct an individual in building a healthful diet menu. Cost: FREE | Size: 1.4 MB


This free application is specifically made to meet each of the demands of the long-distance runner. It keeps a course of the amount of calories burned, speed, nourishment, the course performed and heartbeat. Cost: FREE | Size: 14.4 MB

Sex Facts

49% of males report that a girl’s love of life is a huge start. An ordinary person loses around 26 calories when kissing for one minute. These and additional helpful and fascinating truth about intercourse are talked about within this software. This app was created for those lost people who possess lots of concerns regarding sex, however, are frightened to ask their parents or seek expert assistance. Cost: FREE | Size: 0.2 MB

Fix To Your Broken IPhone

If you are conscious of the problem on it and are in control of the busted iPhone you’re able to profit considerably from undertaking and contemplating self – fix within the comfort of your house. This gives not just time plus money-saving, but also the capability to change your damaged iPhone into an operating, completely operational iPhone once more. Self-mending could be achieved over a busted iPhone no matter whether it’s battery problem, communication board issues, or maybe a display replacement.

27No prior understanding of iPhone repairs are needed, as in common, whenever you buy your spares, components and iPhone substitutes for your own broken iPhone via an internet shop – supplying you select an excellent shop – you may probably be given the guidance, suggestions and recommendations for undertaking the repair at home, in certain cases that are even supplied in a step-by-step manual. A typical fix, that’s known as among the very complicated and consequently sets folks off, is the iPhone display replacement, yet providing you let yourself adequate time to finish the fix, and get a clear work space to run it in there isn’t any reason you cannot get your own damaged iPhone operating again the same-day when you obtain the spares.

Lots of folks overlook this mentioned choice, and think that since the iPhone will not power on, or perform within the proper style they must lose the damaged iPhone and change it using a fresh one in a great cost – when in reality you’ll be able to save time, money plus lots of annoyance with needing to move information, or in a worst-case must replicate the information.

Consequently I’d encourage you gain from the reduction within this scenario and to not be among those individuals. Whatever the condition you’ll be able to fix the iPhone as well as in doing this you’ll find that it’s much less great of the technical problem because you might be considering now. If you’re ignorant about what the problem is but want to think about the choice of mending your damaged iPhone yourself afterward many specialists may determine the fault for you at a modest charge, enabling you to really just finish the procedure. This gives benefits, but none more than understanding your own personal information has remained discreet throughout the procedure.

Top 3 Cydia Apps [Editor’s Pick]

Have you just performed a jailbreaking process to your new iPad, and you are e beginner when it comes to Cydia downloads, apps and tweaks? Here is a small list of Cydia apps, describing some of the most utilized iPad tweaks that could help you form an idea regarding what this third-party store has to offer. In case you are still purchasing apps from the Apple Store, remember that Cydia has exactly what Apple has but much more.

Here is a personal top 3 of the best Cydia apps

1. Quasar

Being said to be one of the best Cydia apps for iPad, Quasar is extremely appreciated by all iPad users who are interested in having a PC experience on their tablet. What appears to be great at this app is not only that it allows users to open up applications in separate Windows on the same screen for multi-tasking, but is also integrated to iOS’s default app Switcher.


2. DashBoardX

As the majority of jailbroken iOS know, DashBoard X is one of the many Cydia apps which were created for managing the Notification center. Therefore, this tweak is similar to SBSettings, as well as to NCSettings. It is useful and fun, and it enables the user to add widgets just like Android to the Homescreen or Dashboard.

3. Password Pilot

How many iOS users are extremely annoyed because they have to write App Store Password every time they are trying to purchase or even or upgrade an App in iTunes? I am sure that the number of angry users is smaller now, thanks to Cydia downloads who offered them PasswordPilot, one of the most useful Cydia apps, just because it removes the necessity to enter your App Store Password. Even though it doesn’t seem to be doing too much, it does a lot for those who are juggling with Cydia apps all the time.

These three handy apps are available at Cydia, the third party store similar to Apple, but better. In order to enjoy these apps, the iPad must be jailbroken and the third-party store installed. Once this process is finished, the iOS user is free to begin the search for the best Cydia apps that could not only improve its work and make his life easier, but they can also make it funnier.

IPhone Solar Charger

IPhone is becoming really hip bits of satisfaction, now. It’s quite crucial your iPhone is continually charged always. For this reason, you should discover everything with relation for the iPhone solar charger. From just how further you are able to buy it, to the way that it functions and the like.

Download The Lastest Apple Themes

The main advantage of the solar battery charger is the fact that it really might be utilized to store electricity, which is often utilized at a subsequent period once the solar is simply not out or over a wet/overcast day. It’s crucial that you ensure the quality of charger you’re using on your iPhone is quite excellent, Bad quality iPhone recharges might damage your iPhone. The iPhone solar charger is a great alternative on your iPhone.

This solar powered iPhone charger is excellent and hand-held whenever you require in order to charge your iPhone but aren’t near a power source. And also the solar-powered chargers available nowadays are ample for just about any going expertise. All these are mobile models and useful in conditions whenever you’re maybe not alongside any power unit. Power is kept in the solar power systems. The measurements of the solar power panels decide how a great deal energy the battery charger may accumulate and keep.

Actually, I strongly suggest solar rechargers for iPhone to all my family and friends members who possess iPhone. This solar iPhone charger not just saves you electricity, but, in addition, it’s eco-friendly and improves preservation of power assets. So there’s no hesitation for one to acquire a solar charger for the iPhone. If you’ll be prepared to purchase an iPhone solar charger, beginning shopping!

Great and Useful Cydia Apps

All iOS users are aware of the fact that Apple is extremely picky when it comes to the Apps that get approved to be listed in the app store. Because they know that might not be able to find an app on the app store that customizes their phone as much as they would like, applications like Winterboard with themes, Cyntact and MyWi being made available only by the Cydia store, many decided to jailbreak their devices. The process is simple, and all the steps can be learned by reading articles or watching the tutorials available online. Once the device becomes free of the limits imposed by Apple, the users are able to enjoy Cydia downloads.

Cydia is a store similar to the one Apple offers, but it has more applications available, becoming better than the one given by the Fruit Company. Here are some apps that might interest all iOS users who decided to jailbreak their device and download free Cydia apps, or even paid ones.

1. Cyntact

This is a must-have Cydia app for all users who prefer to see photos of their contacts in the contact list of their iPhone. Being written by the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman (Saurik), Cyntact was one of the first apps available for purchase in Cydia. Getting the app needs a couple of simple steps to follow. Presuming Cydia was launched, the user must search for this app, purchase it for $ 1.00 and, once the phone resprings, go into the address book and inline contact pics should be seen.

2. Facebreak

As the fact that FaceTime works only over the Wi-Fi connection, many users becoming annoyed by that, FaceBreak is meant to fix this problem.  This app aids users who want to place FaceTime calls over the 3G connection, as well. This app is available for $1.49 from the Cydia Store.

3. Zephyr

Zephyr is an interesting app which smooth multi-tasking swipes to iOS’s multitasking bar. Once this app is installed on the jailbroken device, the user is able to switch between apps by swiping left of right. Zephyr is a free application, which can be easily found by searching for it in Cydia. This is a universal app as it can be enjoyed on all of your devices – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.